Gay Marriage and The Kingdom of God

Yesterday, gay marriage was legalized federally via the supreme court.  Both non-Christians and Christians alike have gone to the social media to “defend marriage,” for what ever that means.  This is not one of those articles. This article is for the Christian who has forgotten what kingdom we believe in.

To the gay man or woman reading this article, I am sorry for the way a lot of vocal Christians have demonized and hated you. I feel like Jesus would have a few choice words to say to them and he would have open arms for you.

1. Gay marriage isn’t merely an issue, it’s a person.

I really do feel like a broken record saying this but, gay men and women are people who are loved deeply by our Creator.  Like I mentioned in my last article, every person, no matter sexual orientation or marital status, is dear to God.  For many Christians though, gay marriage has become a political platform to defend the biblical definition of marriage and I do agree with that definition.  However, before we go on our social media outlets, let’s remember that our sin put Jesus on the cross too.

2. The Kingdom of God is not “power over” political.

Somewhere along the Church’s history in America we have adopted the idea that we must go in and legislate the Kingdom of God into being.  Whether it be having prayer mandated in schools or, in this case, keeping gay marriage illegal.  The problem is that Jesus didn’t preach that.  Jesus came to bring the Kingdom of God and Jesus is the authority over that – not legislations or politicians.  The way people will know we follow Christ isn’t through a domineering mandate, but rather how we love and serve our neighbors.

3. True change doesn’t come through rules or legislation.

A common argument against keeping gay marriage illegal was that it is not God’s intention for marriage, which is true.  However, shouldn’t we also then fight to make fathers who leave their families illegal?  What about heterosexual divorce?  The problem with rules is that they do not actually change the heart – God and his grace does.

One time, Jesus was asked a political question – should we pay taxes?  Sounds silly, but remember, the Romans were murdering and torturing Jewish citizens.  Jewish taxes funded that torture and therefore was “supporting their behavior.” Sounds kind of familiar.  Jesus’ response was brilliant,

“whose likeness and inscription is this?” They said to him, “Caesar’s.”  Jesus said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

In essence, Jesus exposed the question to the heart of the question – “what belongs to God?” So does marriage belong to God? Yes, regardless of the current legislation. Our first citizenship is to God’s kingdom, not America’s.

4.  Live in the Kingdom.

So now that gay marriage is the law of the land, what do we do?  One thing we should not do is go to the streets with picket lines and protests.  Jesus could have started many organizations in his day to change the laws that weren’t in line with his Kingdom, but he didn’t.  Instead, Jesus served those he disagreed with.   He spent time with those who were far from God and because of that, time and time again, many people were brought into his Kingdom.  Which is the point of the Jesus’ new kingdom.  It’s not to hang above someone’s head and force them to live as we call, life to the full, but rather serve them and invite them.  Just like Jesus did.


9 thoughts on “Gay Marriage and The Kingdom of God

  1. Good read, thanks for your thoughts! I think you might like the book “heaven on earth: experiencing the kingdom of God in the here and now” by R. Alan Streett.

  2. Exactly, Jesus taught love not hate! Why does everything blow way out of order, just share Gods word and love one another, Simple!

  3. I’d like to fully agree, but one thing: the very argument supporters of homosexual preference are using is how it took a battle to overcome racial prejudices and slavery. Yet there was a dominant force of committed Christians involved in both of those battles. Think about William Wilberforce who used his political position to initiate change in law in Britain to abolish slavery. His faith in Christ and His Spirit lead endeavors also lead to many ‘social reforms’ through this society and that.
    When William Carey took the Gospel to India, he was rightly abhorred by the practice of widow-burning (Sati) and spent 35 years in prayer and protest while he continued in his mission to bring hope to the people there. The end was (finally!) a legal abolition of the practice. While we share the Holiness of God and our desperate need of what Jesus paid the debt of on the cross, let’s not deny sin is sin.
    You’re right: a person leaving their marriage, sexual union outside of marriage, and many many other things are sins…. I can come before Almighty God and receive forgiveness ONLY because of Jesus suffering all the righteous indignation of God against sin ON MY BEHALF. This is the message of HOPE that we have. Jesus Himself is the mediator for those who place their God-given faith in Him. Jesus is the Author and Perfecter of our faith. We who believe can choose to walk in the Spirit and honor Him or choose the flesh. Those only in the flesh (not spiritually born) cannot choose until they come to faith in Christ.
    We need to make sure that if we point out sin, we also point out the solution to sin…. but this message is damning to those who want to continue rejecting Christ, and will likely bring violence against those who share the Good News… that’s actually something we Christians need to be ready by the Spirit and the Word for. Our lives are not our own. We live unto Christ, for Him and BY Him to bring Hope to whosoever would receive it.

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